I get asked at least once a week why I’m single. It’s getting old. 

When did being in a relationship or married become a measure of success? What about my career, my dancing, my education, my health, etc? Why do people fixate on marital status? 

In my 20’s, I felt an urgency to get married and have children. Now in my 30’s, I’ve found peace, happiness and calmness being single. Also, let’s admit meeting people organically is rare nowadays. We live in a world where virtual relationships and men putting forth minimal effort are the norm. I guess I’m just old fashioned and want more.

Every day we are faced with choices and I choose to wait. People have difficulty understanding why I haven’t been on a date in nearly six years…by choice. Somehow, I also get judged because I’ve never been married and don’t have any children as if there is something wrong with me. Everyone has their own journey and I choose to wait.

My black lab, Stella, is my child though. That’s a fact. 

I’ve already survived toxic relationships with narcissistic, sociopaths and I’d rather preserve my peace. No matter what though, I’ll always remain open-minded and open-hearted to finding someone who matches my values, goals and energy. Until then, I’ll be over here living my very best life. 

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