Fortune cookie.

I’ve saved every single fortune since I was 23. When I moved to Chinatown in NYC, collecting fortunes became my thing. I literally have a collection. I lived at 3 Doyers St., Apt 3B in a studio apartment and I remember feeling liberated to finally live alone after living with roommates in my E 55th St. and Broome St. apartments. I felt somewhat successful and happy working in the fashion industry, traveling and dancing.

Part of me was always looking for the universe to give me some sort of sign that things were good, that I was on the right path, that something spectacular was about to happen in my life. I think this is where collecting fortunes (and eating too much authentic Chinese food) started. I was searching for signs.

While I still save every fortune today, I realize now that I have the power to do anything. I must always believe in myself and be intentional with my choices. I choose to be happy, be grateful, and work hard to manifest my own destiny every single day.

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